With our generous terms and conditions, you’ll be compensated for your Prague shuttle in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Nothing is more important to us than treating our customers well.

We guarantee your money back if you have a valid reason not to be satisfied with our Prague transport service. Even if you haven’t paid in advance for your transfer service with us, you’re still entitled to compensation.


Our promise

If we fail to pick you up at the arranged time due to unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control, we’ll compensate you for the resulting inconvenience, subject to our conditions. To be entitled to your claim, contact us immediately if you can’t find your driver when you arrive at the airport at the time you specified. Please note that we won’t pay a compensation amount greater than the cost of the Prague transfer that you’ve booked. All refunds and compensation claims must be made within 30 days (by email). Beyond that period you are not entitled to refunds/compensations but we will still investigate your complaint.


The Customer who uses the services of the Company, PRAGUE AIRPORT TRANSFERS, Inc. based in Komornická 1982/7, Prague, Postal Code 160 00, ID No.: 27593622, accepts these Terms and Conditions, and by signing or placing the order or contract or making a reservation declares explicit consent to these Terms and Conditions to which the order or contract refers. The Customer who does not agree with these Terms and Conditions shall not be entitled to place or sign any contractual document with the Company.


Basic Contract Terms

The Company – a carrier or a mediator of transportation PRAGUE AIRPORT TRANSFERS, Inc. based in Komornická 1982/7, Prague, Postal Code 160 00, ID No.: 27593622, which provides transportation under these Terms and Conditions

The Customer – a person or company who uses the services of the Company on the basis of the order or contract

The Service/Transportation – Transportation or transportation mediation for the Customer, provided or mediated by the Company


Ways to Order

All services are provided in the form of pre-orders; nevertheless, if you need a vehicle immediately, we are usually able to provide a car within 15 minutes. Orders can be made online through our website, where your account is automatically created, then by email or by phone.


Customer Responsibilities

The Customer is obliged to behave during transportation according to the driver’s instructions and to follow transport safety regulations. The Customer acknowledges that he has been advised of all circumstances, including safety regulations, prior to transportation. The Customer also undertakes not to harm in any way the carrier’s facilities and to maintain tidiness of the vehicle. When breaching these obligations, the Customer is aware of the responsibility for the damage that is caused by his/her actions to the Company or the ordered carrier.

The Customer is also obliged to board transport within the agreed time unless the objective reality prevents him from boarding the transport on time, for example for the reasons mentioned above.


Terms and Conditions Validity

These Terms and Conditions are valid for an indefinite period starting from June 1, 2013. In the event of changes to these Terms and Conditions, which are reserved by the Company, the Customer is considered to be bound by the Terms and Conditions in the version valid at the time the contract was signed, or the valid order was sent or placed.