Our company has been providing shuttle services since 2005. In a few words, we offer a simple, convenient and reliable service with a fixed price to any destination within the city of Prague and the Czech Republic. We co-operate with many airlines, Prague hotels and travel agencies, especially those in the UK.

About Us


Foundation of the company.


By the end of the year, we had about 10 drivers and 40 to 50 bookings a day.


For upcoming years we have heavily invested in marketing and building our new contractual division.


As well as individual customers, we have also focused on corporate clients. We have partnered with large travel agents and airlines. At the end of the year, we reached 50 drivers and approximately 200 daily bookings.


We have reached an average of 500 bookings a day, with over 100 drivers working on a daily basis.


We have teamed cooperation with other larger players in the travel industry. Currently, we have reached an average of 700 bookings a day, with over 150 drivers working daily.