Prague Airport Shuttle

Prague Airport Shuttle

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The Prague Airport Shuttle is cheap and reliable shared taxi and minibus transportation from and to Prague Airport (Václav Havel Airport Prague).

Booking your shuttle transfer online is a straightforward process and takes less than a few minutes. We also offer a public shuttle bus service to the city centre for those travelling on a limited budget and private transfer if you don’t want to share a car or minibus with others.

From Prague Airport to the City Center

Private Taxi
Directly to Your Hotel or Address in Prague
CZK625per car
  • € 24.90
  • 4x   4x    60 min   30 min
    Free 60-minute wait time for airport pickups; 15 mins for all other bookings. Luggage capacity: max. 4 medium suitcases. Travel time around 30 minutes.
  • Private transfer to any address in Prague. Best option if you are in a hurry.
    For private transfers we mostly provide Škoda Superb or VW Passat vehicles which are suitable for up to four passengers. If you have more than four midsize bags, we do recommend booking a minivan free upgrade for the same price.
Shuttle Bus
Shuttle bus to the City Centre of Prague
CZK140per person
  • € 5.60
  • 1x   1x    60 min   60 min
    Luggage capacity: max. 1 medium suitcase. Free 60-minute wait time for airport pickups; 10 mins for all other bookings. Travel time up to 60 minutes.
  • Prices are valid between the Airport and a centre stop at Národní 40.
    Minimum number of passengers: 2.
Shared Shuttle to Your Hotel in Prague
CZK290per person
  • € 11.50
  • 1x   1x    60 min   60 min
    Free 60-minute wait time for airport pickups; 10 mins for all other bookings. Maximum luggage capacity: 1x medium suitcase. Travel time up to 60 minutes.
  • Shared shuttles are good value for smaller groups and for those who are not in a rush.
    For shared transfer we use mostly Mercedes Vito minivans. For passengers with more bags and passengers travelling with children we do recommend booking our private sedan or minivan instead.
Economy Car
Directly to Your Hotel or Address in Prague
CZK550per small car
  • € 21.70
  • 2x   3x    45 min   30 min
    Free 60-minute wait time for airport pickups; 15 mins for all other bookings. Luggage capacity: max. 3 medium suitcases. Travel time around 30 minutes.
  • Private transfer to Prague City Centre. Best option if you travel just with small luggage.
    Our Economy transfers are provided by smaller vehicles where trunk capacity is limited. Mostly we used Skoda Octavia or similar cars.

Your safety is our top priority

  • To minimize all risks, we regularly check cars and communicate with our drivers about the best and most effective ways to prevent infection. Drivers are required to follow our safety protocol, and in particular they must wear protective masks and disinfect their cars after each ride. Drivers are also often temperature-tested, and are only allowed to drive if they have no fever symptoms.
  • We also kindly ask our customers to wear a face mask, scarf or anything that covers your mouth and nose while using our transport service. Passengers are also advised to use hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle. We recommend you sit in the back seats and when possible, open the window to provide extra air ventilation. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth with your elbow or handkerchief.
  • Although we still provide shared shuttle transport, we highly recommend booking only the private transport options.

How it Works


Once you arrive at Prague Airport our driver will be waiting for you inside the arrival hall.

To recognise your chauffer, your driver will be holding a card with your name and the logo of our company on it. Should multiple passengers schedule transportation for the same time, it is possible that your name will be accompanied by other names, therefore, we ask you to pay close attention.

The shuttle minibus departs once all passengers from certain flights are gathered, but with a maximum waiting time of 30 minutes. In case you have not shown up by 45 minutes after your flight has landed, we will try to call you and let you know that you might be put on the next shuttle bus as this one is leaving.

Our driver
Our driver


When you book shuttle transportation to the airport, we cannot guarantee an exact pick-up time. The driver will pick you up within 15 minutes before or after your requested time. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready for departure from your hotel at least 15 minutes in advance and to be prepared for the possibility that the driver may also arrive up to 15 minutes late.

The suggested time-frame for pick-up in the Prague centre is 2.5 hours before your scheduled departure (in the case of EU flights) and three hours for international flights (to the US).


Our fleet of 200 vehicles comprises mostly Mercedes Benz and VW Transporter minibuses that can take up to eight passengers. Vehicles are comfortable, air-conditioned and non-smoking, and always kept in perfect technical condition.

Travel Time

Shuttle transportation is provided 24/7, around the clock. Should you be the only one to order transportation at a given time, we will drive you directly to your destination without any stops; in this case transfer to the Prague city centre takes about 30 minutes. In the case of small groups we might also provide a shuttle service in an ordinary sedan vehicle instead of a minibus. Multiple groups of passengers can also share the minibus, in which the transfer can take up to an hour as there might be more stops on the way.

Our Best Price Guarantee

One fixed price to all hotels in Prague. We guarantee lowest prices for shared door-to-door transport from Prague Airport. If you find a lower price for the same service, email us your quote and we will adjust your price. Transportation of a standard two pieces of luggage is included in the fare; in the case of additional luggage or outsized luggage (e.g. bicycle), we suggest ordering a private transfer.

You do not even need to prepay or worry about cancellation fees if you pay online, in case you miss or change your flight; with our generous terms and conditions you can always have peace of mind that we will grant a full refund with no questions asked.

Why Should I Pre-book?

Early Arrival? Flight Delayed? We Wait! Not a Problem!

Waiting around for public transport to arrive, after a long and tiring flight or just before going to the airport, is always stressful. Then there is the possibility that you will be overcharged by the regular street taxis just because you are a tourist. To make sure you get the best airport transfer service – which you deserve – pre-book your transfer. You can rest easy knowing that our chauffeur will be waiting to receive you – even if your flight is delayed or arrives early – and help you with your luggage as well. Even though our prices are fixed, you are guaranteed to save up to 50% compared to the regular street taxis.

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