Shared Shuttle

One fixed price to all hotels in Prague

Shuttle prices are quoted to any hotel in Prague and to most private addresses in Prague (check our online booking to see if your area is covered), including VAT. This is not an exclusive transfer service, and you will share a minivan or sedan with other passengers – unless you are the only person to order a shuttle at a given time.

CZK450per person
  • € 19
  • Sedan or Minibus
CZK570per 2 persons
  • € 24
  • Sedan or Minibus
CZK600per 3 persons
  • € 25
  • Minibus
CZK650per 4 persons
  • € 27
  • Minibus

Private transfer upgrade

If you wish to travel to the airport quicker and in comfort, upgrade to our private transfer option. The difference between shared and private transfer is small and well worth it for the comfort you will be getting.

Private Transfers

One fixed price to all hotels in Prague

If you don’t want to share a car or minibus with others, or in a hurry and directly want to go to your hotel without riding around town, our private transfer is the right option.

Private Transfers

CZK750per car
  • € 31
  • Sedan or Minibus Upgrade
CZK990per minibus
  • € 42
  • Minibus
CZK1,740per 2x vehicles
  • € 73
  • Sedan and Minibus
CZK1,980per 2x minibuses
  • € 83
  • 2x Minibus
CZK2,390per minibus
  • € 100
  • Larger Minibus
CZK3,990per coach
  • € 167
  • Coach

Luxury Limousines

Travel in Style

Let people know you are in town by travelling to and from the airport in one of our executive vehicles or stretch limousines. Similarly to all our other transfer services, you will have to pay a set fee for this service instead of a fee per person. You do not have to worry about the accommodation of your party, as we will accommodate everyone – no matter what the size is.

Mercedes E

CZK970per car
  • € 41
  • Special Offer
Mercedes S

CZK1,500per car
  • € 63
  • Special Offer
Lincoln TC120

CZK2,990per limo
  • € 125
  • Limousine
Hummer H200

CZK5,490per limo
  • € 230
  • Limousine
Lancia Thema

CZK3,490per limo
  • € 147
  • Limousine

We Accept the Following Forms of Payment

Card Payments-> Cash upon arrival (we accept CZK, GBP, EUR and USD)
-> Credit cards (you can pay online or pay your driver)
-> We accept MC, Visa, AMEX, Diner’s Club, JCB
-> Bank transfers (corporate customers)
-> PayPal

Lowest Price GuaranteeLowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest prices for shared door-to-door transport from Prague Airport. If you find a lower price for the same service, email us your quote, and we will adjust your price. Transportation of a standard two pieces of luggage is included in the fare; in the case of additional luggage or outsized luggage (e.g. bicycle), we suggest ordering a private transfer.