Private Excursions

Kutná Hora

5.5 hrs CZK 2900 (€ 112) per vehicle

Terezín Memorial

5 hrs CZK 2300 (€ 88) per vehicle

Český Krumlov

9 hrs CZK 4500 (€ 173) per vehicle

Karlovy Vary

7 hrs CZK 3600 (€ 138) per vehicle

Karlštejn Castle

4 hrs CZK 1600 (€ 62) per vehicle

Pilsen Brewery

6 hrs CZK 3200 (€ 123) per vehicle


Flexible private excursions are provided on demand (any time you wish), just for your group, exclusive of entrance fees and guide. Unless you request a guide which will be charged extra, it includes an English-speaking driver, transport there and back from your hotel and waiting time.

Optional tour guide. You are not required to choose a tour guide for any of our private excursions. Our English-speaking driver will provide basic information about destination. You will have time to explore the destination on your own and possibly get further information from the local tourist information office or attraction point.

Regular Excursions

Kutná Hora

5.5 hrs CZK 990 (€ 38 ) per person

Terezín Memorial

 4 hrs CZK 1150 (€ 44) per person

Český Krumlov

10 hrs CZK 1890 (€ 73) per person

Karlovy Vary

8.5 hrs CZK 1590 (€ 61) per person

Karlštejn Castle

4 hrs CZK 890 (€ 33) per person

Pilsen Brewery

7 hrs CZK 1090 (€ 42) per person

Regular Excursions

Regularly organised excursions are held only at certain times and dates. Tours have their fixed programme and are shared with others, guided (guides are available in English, Spanish, French, Russian and German), inclusive of all fees.

Long-Distance Transfers

Alternative to train or bus. Book cheap door to door private sedan or minibus.

To/from Prague City Centre; price per vehicle

Berlin  CZK 6408 (€ 246)

Brno  CZK 3708 (€ 142)

Budapest  CZK 9450 (€ 363)

Český Krumlov  CZK 3520 (€ 135)

Dresden  CZK 3000 (€ 115)

Karlovy Vary  CZK 2540 (€ 98)

Krakow  CZK 9720 (€ 373)

Nuremberg  CZK 5238 (€ 201)

Passau  CZK 3942 (€ 152)

Salzburg  CZK 6768 (€ 260)

Vienna  CZK 5958 (€ 229)


If you continue your journey to another destination, you might consider our reasonable priced intercity transfers. We take you from Prague to any place you wish to go, and you can even break the journey with a few hours’ visit to an interesting place en route. There will be a small waiting charge. If you are in a group of 3 to 4 with much luggage, we offer a free minivan upgrade (which means you only pay a small vehicle price).